Billy Graham released from hospital

Evangelist Billy Graham, seen in a Dec. 20, 2010 file photo.
File,AP Photo/Nell Redmond

(CBS/AP) ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Evangelist Billy Graham returned to his home in Montreat Tuesday after a two day stay at a North Carolina hospital where he was treated for bronchitis.

A spokesman for the 93-year-old said he would continue his routine therapy and care at home. Doctors said Graham remains remarkably healthy for his age.

"Mr. Graham had a quick recovery and responded very well to his treatment," said Daniel Fertel, MD, Mission Hospital pulmonologist, in a statement. "Catching these types of pulmonary infections early is crucial for a fast recovery, as was the case for Mr. Graham."

The famous evangelist also thanked hospital staff for the "exceptional care" he received at Mission Hospital in Asheville, where he was admitted overnight Saturday for treatment of the lung infection.

Graham was hospitalized for pneumonia last November. His staff says the evangelist's health has been good since his release, though he had remained at his home in Montreat, N.C., because of age-related conditions.

He's working on an upcoming book.