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Billy Crystal recreates iconic "When Harry Met Sally" look for 75th birthday, earning rave reviews

Billy Crystal crouched for the camera while donning a white cable-knit sweater, blue jeans and sneakers, mirroring a shot of him from the classic 1989 romantic comedy "When Harry Met Sally," which he starred in alongside actress Meg Ryan — all in celebration of his 75th birthday.

The actor and comedian posted side-by-side photos of the original and the recreation to Twitter on Tuesday with the caption, "Thank you all," which earned him rave responses from social media users.

"Icon | noun | a person or thing widely admired especially for having great influence or significance in a particular sweater," tweeted the official Merriam-Webster Dictionary account in response to Crystal's tweet, while actor Ben Stiller wished Crystal "lots of love and respect," 

"Finally, you're my age," wrote fellow actor and comedian Richard Lewis. "I'm proud to have started our comedic journey together. I started reading your accomplishments 17 weeks ago and I'm just about halfway done."

Crystal later retweeted a fan who recreated a different scene from the film, lounging on the couch in a similar sweater and reading Stephen King's "Misery." 

"Love this!" Crystal commented.

The actor also retweeted birthday well-wishes from Rick Overton, who he acted alongside in the 1998 film "My Giant." Overton wished Crystal a "Happy 3/4th's."

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