Bill O'Reilly: I Have More Power Now than as President

Conservative media personality Bill O'Reilly said this morning he has no intention to run for president because he has more power as a host on Fox News.

"I have more power doing what I'm doing than getting involved in the political process," O'Reilly said on ABC's "Good Morning America."

Host George Stephanopoulos likened O'Reilly's tone to the 1992 independent presidential candidate Ross Perot, but O'Reilly said he doesn't have the money that billionaire Perot had.

"You need $150 million to run for president," he said. "Unless the Chinese are going to back me, and I don't know if that's a good thing, what am I supposed to do?"

As for former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, also a Fox contributor, O'Reilly said, "she wants to run, but it's a matter of, as I said, does she want to put her family through that hell, does she want to raise the money."

He acknowledged that Palin is not as well-versed on political affairs as she should be, but he said other politicians should not be aggrandized for their knowledge.

"Sarah Palin needs to go to college, political college, world affairs college, and she is -- she's hired a bunch of advisers," O'Reilly said. "Yeah, Sarah Palin needs a little bit more seasoning, but don't tell me [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid, and [House Republican Leader John] Boehner, and [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi are geniuses."