Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Unplugged

Rare footage showing the co-founders of Microsoft like you've never seen them before

Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Unplugged

We knew that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen owns the Seattle Seahawks, as well as the Portland Trail Blazers. And we knew about his 414-foot yacht, the "Octopus," which reportedly set him back $200 million. What we didn't know was that Paul Allen also has his own HD film crew following him around. That crew was rolling back in 2007 when Allen and Bill Gates took a trip down memory lane, to a now-abandoned building in Seattle.

In this video from Allen's personal film archive, you'll see Gates and Allen reminiscing as they explore the former home of Computer Center Corporation. That small Seattle company is long-forgotten, but it played a critical role in the early development of the Gates-Allen partnership and the founding of Microsoft.

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With Allen's new book coming out this week, much is sure to be said about the contentious parts of his relationship with Gates. But this rare video, and the glimpse it offers of the two billionaires' brotherly bond, adds a whole new dimension to their story.

PDP-10 Image courtesy of Computer History Museum.