Bill Clinton: We Have to Help Haiti

Former President Bill Clinton urged the world to keep donating money to help victims of Haiti's massive earthquake and said that more help was on the way to the ravaged Caribbean nation.

"This is the worst natural disaster in this country's history," Clinton told CBS' "The Early Show" Friday. "We've got to help them get through this."

Clinton said that while relief efforts have been slow to activate, "the capacity (to distribute food, water, medicine and shelter) is building up."

The former president dismissed the idea that taxpayer money allocated to foreign disaster aid was enough to help Haiti. The Obama Administration, Thursday, made an initial pledge of $100 million to Haiti.

Click here to visit the Clinton Foundation's Haiti Earthquake Relief Web site

The international Red Cross estimated 45,000 to 50,000 people were killed in the 7.0-magnitude earthquake Tuesday and three million people affected, based on information from the Haitian Red Cross and government officials.

As CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor reports from Port-au-Prince, that if the help has arrived, it is nowhere to be seen. "There is nothing to eat and not much help,"Glor adds.

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