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Bill Clinton And Obama (Finally) Talk

There has been much discussion of Bill Clinton's reported anger towards presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama. Clinton issued a tepid statement through a spokesman in support of Obama, prompting speculation that the former president would not soon get over the wounds of the long primary battle between Obama and his wife Hillary Clinton.

Prior to today, CBS News has learned, Obama has been trying to reach Clinton, but the former President had not been returning the presumptive Democratic nominee's calls.

Now comes word that Obama and Clinton are at least on speaking terms. The Illinois senator called the former President around 10 am this morning, during his drive from Kansas City to Independence, Missouri. Clinton took the call, and the two spoke for approximately 20 minutes.

"Senator Obama had a terrific conversation with President Clinton and is honored to have his support in this campaign," Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said in a statement. "He has always believed that Bill Clinton is one of this nation's great leaders and most brilliant minds, and looks forward to seeing him on the campaign trail and receiving his counsel in the months to come."

Matt McKenna, Director of Communications for Clinton, also released a statement.

"President Clinton had a very good conversation with Senator Obama today," he said. "He renewed his offer to do whatever he can to ensure Senator Obama is our next President."

"President Clinton continues to be impressed by Senator Obama and the campaign he has run, and looks forward to campaigning for and with him in the months to come," added McKenna. "The President believes that Senator Obama has been a great inspiration for millions of people around the country, and he knows that he will bring the change America needs as our next President."

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