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Bill And Hillary Jump In

Former President Bill Clinton will be making his first joint appearance of the campaign with Barack Obama in Orlando, Florida tonight. This afternoon, he and Hillary Clinton have sent out a get-out-the vote video on Obama's behalf. Importantly, the video was not sent from the Obama campaign but to supporters of Hillary Clinton from her HillPac organization.

"We worked awfully hard in this election because you've got a lot at stake," Bill Clinton begins. "It's still important, it's more important than ever," he continues. "Boy, is that true," Hillary continues, "and we're asking everybody to get involved. Get out, do what you can, talk to your friends and your neighbors, make those phone calls, walk those streets – get the word out that this election is really important." Bill Clinton: "Senator Obama and Senator Biden need your help November 4th." Hillary Clinton: "So please everybody, get involved and don't forget to register and don't forget to vote November 4th." Watch it:

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