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Bike Thieves Wore Gorilla, Chicken Suits, Say NY Cops

Cops: Bike Thieves Wore Gorilla, Chicken Suits

ROCKY POINT, N.Y. (CBS/AP) Police say the thieves who forcibly stole a New York teenager's bicycle were, well, animals.

Suffolk County police say two people in gorilla costumes and a third in a chicken suit took the boy's bike Monday in Rocky Point, on the north shore of Long Island.

Police say the three confronted him while he was riding in the early afternoon.

Police say one of the "gorillas" punched the teen in the head and knocked him off the bike, and then the person in the chicken costume rode off on it.

The teen was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital.

Detectives are still searching for the suspects.

Have they checked the zoo?