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Big Spending In Pennsylvania Fight

Barack Obama trails Hillary Clinton in most polls in Pennsylvania, but the Service Employees International Union is doing its best to close the gap.

The SEIU, which has endorsed Obama, is spending nearly $740,000 in the state "on staff and literature for a massive canvass of Pennsylvania," reports Politico's Ben Smith. (Per Smith, here are some details.)

Obama's fundraising advantage has allowed the Illinois senator to significantly outspend Clinton in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. On NBC's "Meet The Press" Sunday, Clinton supporter and Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell suggested that the former first lady is being significantly outspent in his state – but will still win.

"Anytime you're outspent 3-to-1, you can't be overconfident," Rendell said, echoing an analyist's finding last week that Clinton had been outspent by that margin on television ads in Pennsylvania.

"I'm saying that we will win this state, but we'll win it somewhere between ... 5 and 10 percentage points," Rendell added.

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