Big-Screen TV Buying Time?

Employee helps customer shopping for a television at Best Buy store
Did you know that more big-screen and high-definition TVs are sold in the days leading up to the Super Bowl than at any other time of year?

The Early Show's continuing "Recession-Proofing Your Life" series focused on them Friday.

Retailers expect to sell 3.9 million sets before Sunday -- 50 percent more than flew off store shelves last year, according to the National Retail Federation.

It seems as if everyone -- from Best Buy to Wal-Mart -- has TVs on sale right now.

Prices on many HD sets have dropped 30 to 40 percent since this time last year, and experts don't expect them to drop much further.

They say you won't save by waiting a few months or even another year -- so jump on those sales!

And they say you could save even more by skipping the extended warranty: Consumer Reports says most electronics today outlive their warranties with no problems. And if your TV does need a repair, it will probably cost less than the warranty itself.