"Big Brother": Monet Gets the Boot

Monet, ex-contestant of Big Brother 12
Waterworks ensued as Monet was evicted from the "Big Brother" house during the second round of eliminations.

While the model came into the game with a tough-as-nails mentality, in the end, the house was a little tougher than her front could handle.

On a vote of 7-2, Monet was tossed and packed her bags through streams of tears. She says she didn't expect the game to take so much gusto and guile.

While she'd laughed at past contestants for their emotional breakdowns on national television, with the cameras on her, she acted no differently.

Monet joked that her friends from home might consider her a baby for the tearful few weeks she spent on the show, but she really wants to let people know this game may not be all that much fun and is definitely harder than it looks.

"Big Brother" host Julie Chen interviewed the now ex-contestant shortly after her eviction. See what Monet had to say by clicking on the video below. See how things got to that point by clicking on the one beneath that!: