"Big Brother" is Back!

"Big Brother" has been called one of the toughest reality shows on television. Contestants are locked in a house for three months, cut off from the outside world, and in fierce competition for the grand prize of half a million dollars.

So what kind of person can last in that house and win the big bucks?

"Early Show" co-anchor Julie Chen, the host of "Big Brother," gave "Early Show" viewers an exclusive first look at the 13 new contestants.

As the contestants shared with us a little more about themselves, we could already tell it will be an entertaining season.

New Faces of Big Brother

"I have all of those terrible qualities like, I'm very manipulative and I'm very opinionated, an outspoken person. I can be a little conniving," said Britney, 22, a hotel sales manager.

Another contestant, Monet, a 24-year old model, has very similar views on her strategy when it comes to playing this game.

"I come off as smart and sweet and charming," said Monet. "I can play dirty and I will stab you in the back in a heartbeat."

But tempers won't be the only thing that's hot this summer in the Big Brother house.

"We have hot guys this summer," said Allison Grodner, executive producer of Big Brother. "We have Haydon from Arizona, a snowboarder, baseball player, all-around just single, nice guy. We've got Brendon, who is our high school swim coach, and also getting his PhD."

The house will be filled with high IQ's this summer between Andrew, 39, a podiatrist, and Matt, the 32-year-old Web designer who is a member of Mensa.

"I can discern between the real world and 'Big Brother,"' said 34 year old college professor Ragan."I liken it to playing chess. If you checkmate me I'm not going to go, 'This is so unfair, I thought you were my friend, how can you do that?' You can't be upset over stuff like that. That's what the game is."

Tensions will be running high, and while there may be a shortage of genuine friendships in the house, there is an abundance of ego.

"I really think I'm just unstoppable. I think I'm the winner of Big Brother, I really do," said 27-year-old bartender Annie.

The strategizing will begin Sunday July 8, on CBS at 8 p.m., 7 central.