Big Brother: All-Stars

I cannot get enough of this show! I wish it was on every day of the week.

We start this week with Erika as Head of Household and put up Janelle and Chicken George for eviction.

Janelle is telling Erika in her HOH room that she is not going after her, she is going after Chilltown. They strike a temporary deal to back off of each other, if Erika only knew Janelle is working with Chilltown (Chilltown is Will and Boogie in case you forgot), and she has no plan of getting rid of Chilltown, yet.

The houseguests are happy to see the trampoline, especially Will. He seems to be reliving some of his childhood, it's cute, yet scary. If you didn't think that a trampoline was great enough for the houseguests, and especially Will, wait until the Christmas in August they won in the food competition starts.

Neil Patrick Harris from the CBS show "How I Met Your Mother" (nice cross marketing CBS) comes into the BB house wearing his best, a Santa suit. What America didn't know — and we didn't really need to know — is that Will is the biggest Neil Patrick Harris fan ever, and has been talking about him a lot while in the BB house. It was really fun to see the excitement on everyone's face when they see him. And with Christmas comes gifts, so BB gave everyone an early Christmas gift and all were appropriate for them. Janelle got lingerie, Chilltown got video games, you get it.

Onto the drama — enough of this nicey, nicey stuff. Danielle continues to talk to Erika in the HOH room about how she wants the rest of the game to play out. Danielle also swears on her kids that she is taking Erika to the final two, Erika said she is taking her also but not swearing on anything … hmmmm ... Let's see how this promise pays off for both of them.

Meanwhile, in Chilltown, Will and Boogie, as always, are running the show. They both want Janelle to win the VETO so she takes herself off and then they will try and get Erika to put up Danielle. Chilltown knows Danielle is one of the most dangerous players in this game and she needs to go sooner than later. Boogie says he will start bringing up this idea to Erika, which will not go over well because her and Danielle are BFF's at this point.

VETO competition is an old fashioned BB face match. Two houseguest faces are put on a board and they need to guess which faces are in the picture. The one who correctly matches all sets of pictures the quickest wins. Oh, and everyone plays for VETO today. YEAH! Will and Boogie do terrible in the VETO on purpose so Janelle would win, and it worked — Janelle, the queen of BB, wins another competition. I love it!

Will and Boogie sneak off into the food closet after the VETO competition to do their normal squeaking and squealing quietly while no one sees. Their plan is coming into action.

Danielle immediately goes to Erika to reaffirm she's not going up. At that point Erika is at her breaking point and admits to Danielle she may go up only because Erika doesn't believe she can beat her (which is probably true). Danielle seems to drown her sorrows in alcohol and goes into a small drunken rage on Erika and then assaults the HOH room by ringing the doorbell over and over again while Erika and Will hide in the bathroom.

Well, she was right — Erika did put Danielle up on the block after Janelle took herself off. So, who will go, Chicken George or Danielle? My money is on Danielle only because she is the biggest threat right now and if they leave her she may take it all the way to the final two.