Big Brother: All-Stars

Eviction night on "Big Brother: All-Stars."

We start off the night with rivals Danielle trying to call a truce with Janelle. She offers a truce for a week between the two; Janelle takes a reluctant pause and agrees with it. Then she says in her confessional that she was just lying to her to agree with her.

Keep your friends close, your enemies closer. That point was proven last week when Howie got the boot from all of his "friends."

Danielle is working overtime this week because she is approaching everyone to keep James in the game. She is overly emotional to Will and Boogie, in tears trying to convince them that James needs to stay. Will is almost positive that James is "double dipping," which is absolutely true. Danielle needs to keep her emotions in check — it's a game and better James than her.

Meanwhile in the jury sequester house, Marcelles is mad as hell he in there and is not appreciating the beautiful house they put them in. It looks like it may be Mexico, someplace like that. Marcelles goes on to say the last person he wants to see get voted off next is Howie, well SURPRISE — Howie is his next houseguest in sequester. Insults fly from Marcelles about Howie. He is less than impressed with his surroundings and his company. This should be fun to watch.

Seems like Erika and Boogie have entered into what we call a "showmance." Both seem to really enjoy each others company, proven by the kissing every time they are alone. Janelle and Will seemed to have caught the love bug also. The only difference with them is, I really think Janelle and Will are equally playing each other. That may turn into love but I am pretty positive it didn't start that way. On the other hand, Boogie makes it clear he is ready to jump ship on the showmance as soon as Erika starts to drag him down. Ahhh, love!

Vote time.
Danielle votes to evict George.
Janelle, Will and Boogie all vote to evict JAMES!
WOW, another blindside by Chilltown. I love this show.
James doesn't seem to upset by it. He tells Julie he is glad he was out played by the best, being Janelle, Will and Boogie.

Onto HOH. It's a series of true and false questions. One by one they get eliminated, Erika winning HOH! Next week Julie says that the house is in for big surprises. Hmmm, wonder what that will be!