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Big Brother 3: Meet The Cast

"Big Brother" is back. "Big Brother 3," that is. It's the third season of the reality TV-show that "coops-up" and cuts-off 12 strangers from the rest of the world, each trying to win a half-million dollar grand prize.

The Early Show’s Julie Chen hosts the show and she has our exclusive "first look" at this season's contestants.

"Big Brother 3" premieres Wednesday, July 10, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, 8 p.m., on CBS.

This week, 12 strangers will enter the Big Brother house forced to live completely isolated from the rest of the world with cameras watching their every move. Producers say you can expect a-moral connivers like last year's winner, Will as well as folks with sweet integrity like Sheryl.

"I would say, speaking of eye candy, I would say everybody's sweet tooth in America will be more than satiated," says Executive Producer Arnold Shapiro.

And to avoid last year’s incident, where one guest physically threatened another, CBS did an extensive background check.

"We're as certain as humanly possible, certain as we can be, that we've got 12 people who understand that the threat of violence, or violence itself, zero tolerance," says Shapiro.

No violence, but with any luck, plenty of backstabbing.