Big Brew For New Year

hangover graphic
There's no question: The turn of the century was an occasion for a lot of partying.

And on the morning after the big millennium festivities, a classic hangover remedy was available by the gallon in the French Quarter of New Orleans, reports CBS News Correspondent Peter King.

On Saturday, they were serving up the world's biggest Bloody Mary, dubbing it the "Millennium Mary" and inviting one and all to partake of the 10-foot-tall glass, filled 1,050 gallons of the concoction - enough to serve 15,000 eight-ounce drinks.

Both a non-alcoholic and a "classic" version were being served free of charge, each drink garnished with a celery stick. (Vodka was being added only upon request by those of legal age with proper ID.)

The Millennium Mary was made with pepper sauce and vegetable juice, and the towering custom-made glass was fitted with 10 spigots around its base.

Invented by Fernand Petiot, a bartender at Harry's Bar in Paris in the 1920s, the Bloody Mary is probably named after the English Queen, Mary I.

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