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"Big Bang Theory's" Cuoco on New Romance

It's a bang up third season for the CBS hit comedy "The Big Bang Theory." Kaley Cuoco returns as Penny, who is now dating Leonard, one of the geeks next door.

Cuoco stopped by The Early Show on Monday and shared her excitement for the show with co-anchor Harry Smith.

Just three years ago, critics were saying that a TV show with geeks (who are brilliant physicists) and a cute girl next door would never work, but Cuoco and the rest of the cast have been pleasantly surprised with more recent reviews.

Today, "The Big Bang Theory" is considered the best comedy on television.

"They took it all back, our last TCA (Television's Critics Association review). Really, people were actually coming up to us saying 'I hated your show last year and the idea and now we love it,'" Cuoco said. "It took a while for them to believe what it was going to be and they thought it was going to be two nerds next door to the cute girl, we've seen it before. And it's so much more real than that and now they like it."

And to add to the excitement, this season Penny gets to be in love. "How fun is that? With Leonard. Whatever!" she joked.

Out of all of the nerds, Smith pointed out Leonard (played by Johnny Galecki) was the perfect match for Penny since the beginning of the show.

"I think the relationship with Leonard will be shaky and there will be problems and all this stuff, but I love their relationship," Cuoco gushed. "Johnny and I have the best time working together. But it's got - the show's got to last, so I'm sure it will go in and out just like life."

If Penny's relationship with Leonard doesn't pan out, she has three other nerds to choose from.

"There's three other guy there. So, I'm going to have to date one each season, then the nightmare sequence will be Penny and Sheldon(played by Jim Parsons)."

"And then who knows what. The dream sequence, they'll all be in there together!" Smith joked.

"Harry, it just could go anywhere!" she added.

Joking aside, it was a big year at the Emmys for "The Big Bang Theory." Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series.

"We had such a blast. It was a dream," Cuoco said. "I've wanted to go to the Emmys my whole life, so it was awesome."

You can see "The Big Bang Theory" Monday nights at 9:30/8:30 Central, on CBS.