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Biden Vows "A Fighting Chance" For North Carolina Middle Class

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(GREENSBORO, N.C.) - Vowing to fight for North Carolina's middle class, Joe Biden made a rapid dash through downtown Greensboro this afternoon, keeping his remarks tight to stay ahead of threatening rain clouds.

"Ultimately, it's about jobs," said Biden, who along with Obama has made "bumper sticker" goals of restoring the middle class and reclaiming America's respect in the world.

Biden noted the slump of the textile industry in North Carolina, saying factories were "getting killed," and vowed an Obama presidency would ensure jobs by investing alternative energies and infrastructure, including maintenance of roads and bridges in the United States.

He said China has "nailed" American workers by taking jobs overseas through free trade, adding that here at home, middle class blue-collar folks needed a "fighting chance."

He referenced the "long walk up a short flight of stairs" that parents make their children's bedrooms after losing a job or facing foreclosure on their home, where Biden said they must tell their kids "Honey, I'm sorry, I don't have a job anymore…it'll be okay baby, but I'm sorry."

"North Carolinians have made that walk," said Biden, promising to help those financially on Elm Street as much as the government has aided Wall Street.

After speeding to the airport, Biden boarded a plane for Florida, where he begins a three-day trip through the Sunshine State.

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