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Biden Visits Bowling Green State U.

This story was written by Kristen Vasas, The BG News

In an effort to convert any remaining undecided voters, Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden visited Bowling Green State University on Saturday night, to reiterate the platform of his running mate, Sen. Barack Obama, and to push rally attendees to get out and cast their ballots.

After being introduced by his wife Jill, Biden began by urging the estimated 1,500 spectators to vote for change in order to get America back on the track to success.

"It's no longer a question if you are better off than you were four years ago, because we are not," Biden said. "[The question is] who will make us better off four years from now from today."

According to Biden, Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain continues to follow the failing economic and foreign relations paths President George W. Bush has paved for the country, resulting in an America divided from the rest of the world.

"You can't call yourself a maverick when all you've been the last eight years is a sidekick," Biden said. "We don't have to accept things as they are [when] we can change them to our will."

With Obama in office, Biden promised supporters in attendance that the next president will be strong enough to confront enemies and wise enough to enlist allies. Biden also said Obama will work to rebuild infrastructures across the country, including roads, highways and railroads currently forgotten and in disrepair.

Assisting the middle class in terms of jobs, health care and college affordably also took center stage at the rally. Biden promised attendees that the Democratic ticket would focus specifically on benefiting the middle class if elected.

"We will work to build up the middle class in this country, because when the middle class fails, America fails," Biden said. "If we can help Wall Street, we should be able to help Wooster Street."

According to Biden, because of the failing economy and financial crisis, 122,000 Ohioans have lost their jobs this year.

For Perry Field House Administrative Assistant Terry Carver, Obama and Biden offer the most promising plans because she believes they will keep their word when it comes to assisting the middle class and the job market.

Carver - who has lost two jobs under two Republican administrations - typically votes Republican, but chose to vote Democratic for the first time in this year's election because of the positive way Obama has run his campaign.

"I'm sick and tired of the way things have been going," Carver said. "We need a change, and Obama offers that for me."

Along with the astronomical loss of jobs seen in Ohio this year, Biden also said hundreds of thousands of home foreclosures have resulted from the financial crisis as well.

If elected, Biden said he and Obama won't wait until Jan. 20 to begin helping American citizens. Instead, when Congress gets sworn in on Jan. 3, Obama and Biden will issue a three-month moratory law on all home foreclosures, giving home-owners the chance to stabilize their failing budgets.

"We owe this country everything, and we have to do everything in our power to believe again that there's not a thing we can't accomplish," Biden said. "It's our requirement to unite this country once again."

Senior Elizabeth Stewart said she plans on voting for Obama and Biden because of their promises to create a country accessible for everyone - specifically when it comes to college tuition and loans.

Stewart plans on attending graduate school once he graduates this May, but is unsure whether she will be able to afford it, as she is currently paying for her education through loans and scholarships.

"If Obama and Biden get elected, it's more likely that I will go to graduate school because tuition will be lower," Stewart said.

In order to ensure that Obama's plans for a united nation become enacted, Biden urged those in attendance to get out and vote for change the country needs.

"It's our time, it's America's time, so let's get out and protect this country we love," Biden said. "If that happens, not only the critics, but everyone else in America will be calling Barack Obama something else: president of the United States."

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