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Biden: Thumbs-Up to Phillies World Series Victory

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(ST. LOUIS) - As Joe Biden's plane took off from his joint appearance with Barack Obama in Sunrise, Florida this evening, the Philadelphia Phillies were in the bottom of the eighth inning in their World Series match against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Less than twenty minutes into the flight, the voice of one of Biden's staff members came over the intercom, announcing the Phillies had won, 4-3.

Biden, who is from Scranton, Pennsylvania and lives in nearby Delaware heard many of his staff, Secret Service, and several members of the press cheering the news. A few disappointed Rays fans kept quiet.

Upon arrival in St. Louis, one self-described "ecstatic Phils fan/reporter" yelled out to Biden as he descended onto the tarmac, "Senator, how 'bout them Phillies?"

Biden smiled, flashing two thumbs up and replied, "I can go home now. My wife...she was at the game," before hopping into his motorcade.

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