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Biden Thanks Ohio Democratic Volunteers

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(COLUMBUS, OHIO) - Joe Biden made a quick stop at the Ohio Democratic Party offices to shake hands with volunteers and thank them for their contributions to the Obama-Biden campaign.

An Ohio map speckled with blue, green, and yellow tacks hung from the wall, along with large banners on three walls of the workspace that read "RESPECT", "EMPOWER", and "INCLUDE".

"I called Barack last night and congratulated him. Told him I'm going home to polish my golf game up," Biden joked.

He told the volunteers that along with the entire Obama campaign, they set new standards for political organizing.

"I graduated from college 280 years ago…law school in 1968, all through college and law school everybody learned about, literally, in political science classes and in government classes about how the Kennedy family, the Kennedy, quote, machine revolutionized the organizational aspect of American politics. And literally, all through the '70s and all through the 80s that's what people studied when you went away to, to school. And you learned about how this organizational structure had changed the texture of organizational politics."

"Well I promise you, no exaggeration, not that it matters to you all, but your kids are going to be going to college and they're going to be learning about and reading about how literally the Obama campaign revolutionized American politics. Not a joke. It really is. It really is."

"I just came by to say thank you. I came by to say that before I go out and make a fool of myself on the 'Ellen' show tonight," Biden said to laughs. "I'm doing the 'Ellen' show and I'm doing the Jay Leno show tonight. I'm going to try not to cause the gains we made last night to be lost."

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