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Biden signs short-term government funding bill ahead of midnight deadline

President Biden has signed a short-term government funding bill to keep the government operating, the White House announced late Friday, avoiding a partial shutdown that would have otherwise occurred when the fiscal year runs out at midnight. 

The law funds the federal government at current spending levels through Dec. 16, by which point Congress will have to pass additional legislation to keep the government running. The law also provides more than $12 billion in security and financial assistance to Ukraine, as it continues to push back against Russia's onslaught. 

The White House thanked Senate and House leadership for pushing the funding across the finish line before the deadline. 

But the short-term move only delays bigger decisions about congressional spending priorities. Those won't come until after the midterm elections determine control of the House and Senate. The Senate won't return until after the midterms. 

The law also includes $1 billion to help families with heating and cooling costs, as well as $2.5 billion to assist New Mexico with recovery from the latest wildfire to hit the state and $20 million in emergency funding for water and infrastructure improvements in Jackson, Mississippi. It doesn't include the White House's desire for more funding in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and monkeypox outbreak. 

Mr. Biden has indicated he may need to request additional funding from Congress to help Florida's recovery from Hurricane Ian. 

— Melissa Quinn contributed to this report.

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