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Biden: Post-WikiLeaks Diplomacy "Cumbersome"

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Julian Assange CBS/AP

Vice President Joe Biden said that WikiLeaks' release of classified or secret U.S. government documents has "done damage" and put the lives and jobs of people around the world in jeopardy.

In an interview recorded for broadcast on NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday, Biden expressed his frustration with WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange:

"This guy has done things that have damaged and put in jeopardy the lives and occupations of people in other parts of the world. He's made it more difficult for us to conduct our business with our allies and our friends.

"For example, in my meetings - you know I meet with most of these world leaders - there is a desire now to meet with me alone, rather than have staff in the room.

"It makes these things more cumbersome," Biden told NBC's David Gregory, "and so it has done damage."

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