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Biden Enjoys The Spotlight With Obama

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(FREDERICKSBURG, VA.) - While Joe Biden has attracted crowds to the rallies he's held around the country, he's never seen the turnout that comes with appearing alongside Barack Obama.

An estimated 26,000 people showed up in Fredericksburg to see Obama and Biden make one of the few joint appearances they've made since Biden joined the ticket at the end of August.

While Biden usually attracts around several hundred to a couple thousand people to his events, the number is dwarfed by a rally like tonight's in Virginia.

Introducing Obama to screams and cheers at the University of Mary Washington, Biden was greeted with chants of "Joe! Joe! Joe!"

As light rain trickled down, Obama joked with the crowd that he'd like to pay for everyone's dry cleaning, but had to keep the money for campaigning. He told Biden if he wanted to keep from getting wet, he could "cut out, it's all right."

He called Biden "one of the best dressed vice presidents that we'll ever have."

Biden wore a blue blazer and khaki pants as he stood with a knee up on a stool behind Obama.

Republican National Committee spokesman Alex Conant e-mailed a response to Obama's assessment of Biden's attire, saying "Obama's statement that Biden is the best dressed Senator answers a lot of questions. Why else would Obama choose a running mate who recently called him unprepared to be President, slammed his votes to cut funding for our troops, and said he'd be honored to run on McCain's ticket?"

As Obama's brow began to gleam with raindrops, someone handed a baseball cap to the candidates on stage.

"Joe can wear the hat," said Obama, getting laughs from the audience.

Biden, like a loyal running mate, donned the cap for the rest of the event.