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Biden Courts Women Voters

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(STERLING, VA.) - Joe Biden held an event for women in Virginia today, promising them that an Obama-Biden presidency would most benefit women in the workplace and at home.

Biden said one of his proudest moments in his career was his work on the Violence Against Women Act. He called women imprisoned in their homes by abusive spouses the "dirtiest little secret in America."

"I love these men who tell me - well why don't they just leave? And I remind them, I say, how many of you men, I'm gonna ask the men, how many of you men saw the movie 'Deliverance?' What's the one scene you all remember, guys? And how many of us would have walked out of the woods and gone to the sheriff and said 'Hey sheriff, this is what this guy did to me." All'd say we'd go home and get our gun and come back and get 'em," said Biden, who talked about a women's help line they established.

"Well ladies and gentlemen, this is a simple proposition. Think of the 1.5 million women who have called that hotline. But don't think of it in those terms. Think about how much courage it took. How much courage it took to find a phone and whisper into the phone, 'I'm calling. I need help. I can't let him hear. I am here. This is where I live. Can you do something?'"

Biden received strong applause when he said he was committed to "ending the cowboy mentality of the Bush-McCain era."

"John McCain did not believe there was a need for the Violence Against Women Act. He voted against it. He said -- he voted against the Crime Bill that contained it – he said it was unnecessary and over-regulating," said Biden. "He said it was ineffective and ill-conceived."

Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., was one of several women, including Biden's sister and wife, to introduce Biden at the event which focused on issues of women.

Mikulski took a few jabs at Sarah Palin's popularity, saying "Democratic women – we wear lipstick, too!"

"We don't need another George Bush in earrings being in the number two slot," added Mikulski.

Biden took the stage and thanked his 10-year-old granddaughter, Finnegan Biden, whose name Biden often jokes about in his speeches, saying she better stay smart and pretty with a name like Finnegan.

He linked women's issues with the concerns Americans are having over the economy.

The impact on women, y'all know the deal, when the economy goes south who are the first people who get hurt the most?" asked Biden. "It's women."

"We've got to restore both the protections and the dignity, the dignity of work, the dignity women and others deserve in the workplace, in their own lives, because when the economy goes south, it's as I said, it's women who go, whether they're making minimum wage or working for a major corporation."

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