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President Biden releases his brackets for 2024 NCAA March Madness tournaments

President Biden has entered the March Madness conversation

In a social media post on Wednesday, the president revealed his bracket for the 2024 NCAA competition, favoring UConn, Houston, North Carolina and Tennessee as his final four in the men's tournament. Biden also has UConn winning for the second straight year, this time against Houston.

For the final four of the women's tournament, Mr. Biden predicts South Carolina, UCLA, Stanford and UConn will battle it out, with South Carolina winning in the end against UCLA.

The president wished all the teams good luck in his post.

Former President Barack Obama was the first president to release a bracket each year, and Mr. Biden has continued the tradition since he took office. In Obama's picks this year, which he released Tuesday, he agreed with his former vice president that UConn would take home the tournament.

President Biden's picks for the men's tournament aren't particularly surprising, with three No. 1 seeds in his final four, but he did include a few upsets in the first round, with No. 13 Charleston beating No.4 Alabama, No.11 New Mexico defeating No. 6 Clemson, No. 12 McNeese winning against No. 5 Gonzaga and No. 11 NC State beating No. 6 Texas Tech.

Obama also thinks New Mexico will beat Clemson and NC State will beat Texas Tech in the first round, but he has some different opinions on the other upsets Mr. Biden predicted.

For the women's tournament, Mr. Biden noted one major upset in the first round, with No. 12 FGCU defeating No. 5 Oklahoma, and another in the second round with FGCU beating No. 4 Indiana — two upsets Obama didn't include in his bracket.

Unfortunately for President Biden, he's 0-2 when it comes to his March Madness brackets. In 2023, the president incorrectly predicted Arizona would take home the men's tournament and Villanova would win the women's. And in 2022, he wrongly guessed that Delaware would win both tournaments.

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