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Bicyclist uses app to turn his rides into art

In British Columbia, a bicycling artist's wheels are always turnin
Cyclist uses app to make city his canvas 01:25

VICTORIA, British Columbia -- If Stephen Lund's giraffe looks amateurish, consider his medium: his bicycle and a GPS tracking app.

A giraffe Stephen Lund drew on the Strava app of his bike ride around Victoria, British Columbia. Stephen Lund/CBS News

Stephen Lund at work. CBS News
At a TEDx Talk, Lund explained how his Strava app tracks cycling trips for fitness and marks the route on a map.

"It just struck me immediately that there had to be some creative potential to it," Lund told CBS News.

Lund plots his paths through the streets of Victoria, Canada. The end result: a grasshopper, a thug, Darth Vader and a mermaid that took 14 hours alone.

Darth Vader is one of the many images Stephen Lund has drawn by tracking his bike rides. Stephen Lund/CBS News

In one year, Lund logged 13,857 miles -- the distance from Victoria to Tokyo and back.

"I think of all those people sitting in front of the TV or YouTube, I think my time commitment isn't all that excessive," he said.

Now the cycling artist is urging others to get out and GPS their own doodles.

"It's so easy to experiment and explore and do something creative," Lund said.

Because what goes around, comes around.

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