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"Bicycle bandit" is on NYC robbery spree, police say

NEW YORK -- Police are on the hunt for a man who they said rides up to women in Manhattan on a bicycle, grabs their phones and handbags, and then takes off, reports CBS New York.

Police suspect the bearded man in 11 robberies dating back to February.

Surveillance video of a man suspected of robbing women in New York City, apparently while riding a bicycle from the city's bike-sharing program. CBS New York

In each incident, the suspect apparently approached the victim on a bicycle from Citi Bike -- New York City''s public bike sharing program -- and quickly snatched items before riding away.

All the victims were women in their 20s, 30s and 40s, according to police.

Seven lost cell phones and four were robbed of their purses.

No one has been injured.