Bianca Kajilch Inspired by Brother

Bianca Kajilch on "The Early Show"
Bianca Kajilich, one of the stars of the hit series "Rules of Engagement," has been inspired by her brother to start a drama department at a summer camp for children amputee victims.

Kajlich's brother, Andre, was hit by a train in 2003 while abroad and needed to get both of his legs amputated. Today, the brother and sister duo are empathetic to what an accident like that can do to a person, and their family.

"I think it was a big testament to the unity of our family, our love, and our humor to help us get through this," said Kajilch.

This weekend the duo will be heading to Ohio to visit a camp for kids who are dealing with limb loss. When it comes to these kids who are going through what Andre has endured, he wants to let them know that they are not alone.

"There are lots of kids like this," said Andre.

The Kajilchs plan to start a drama department in this camp because Bianca really believes that she has a gift, and that it is her duty to be able to share with these children.

"Theres such a great thing about acting is that you get to be in your body, but you get to be all these different characters and do all these different things," explained Bianca.

To learn more about what the Kajlichs' are doing, and if you can help, see the interview:

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