Beyonce's Band To The Rescue

Singer Beyonce's band came to the aid of a 91-year-old driver, chasing and holding down a suspected carjacker.

Police said Reynold Caleen, a great-grandfather of nine, tried to fight off a knife-wielding suspect when he grabbed the elderly man's wallet in the parking lot of a Walgreen's store Tuesday — knocking the suspect's knife out of his hands and kicking him several times as the pair wrestled to the ground.

Lead guitarist Shaun Carrington, bass guitarist Kern Brantley and drummer Nisan Stewart, in town to rehearse for a tour with the singer, pulled in front of the suspected carjacker as he tried to drive the elderly man's car out of the parking lot — and chased him on foot when he got out and ran.

A Walgreen's employee tackled the suspect; the bandmates held him down until police arrived. "Gotta protect society as much as we can, you know?" Stewart told WSVN-TV.

Caleen's wife, Faye, confessed the couple never heard of Beyonce.

"We're more of the John Wayne generation," she said.

The suspect was charged with armed carjacking and battery of a person over 65, a felony in Florida.

Beyonce's 22-city tour with Alicia Keys and Missy Elliott begins March 12.