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Bewitching Sandra Bullock

With the Halloween season this year comes a film about witches in the present day who use their powers to cast spells on men. Sandra Bullock, who plays a starring role in the movie Practical Magic, spoke with CBS This Morning Contributor Eleanor Mondale.

Bullock plays a woman with at least one thing in common with her fun-loving onscreen sister, Nicole Kidman. They're both modern-day witches. While they don't fly on broomsticks, the two are trying to sweep something under the rug: a murder they committed in self-defense.

To add to the supernatural troubles, Bullock's house is a carefree coven with a curse. Any man that her character falls in love with is doomed to an early death. One great love is a murder investigator played by actor Aidan Quinn.

Bullock uses one word to describe kissing Aidan Quinn: "Dreamy." Still, she said it felt wrong because, of course, he's married.

Bullock says that in real life, while she doesn't believe in witchcraft, she doesn't dismiss the powers of the unknown such as "unexplained coincidences, connections... intuitive things."

"I definitely think that exists out there," Bullock says. "If you don't, you're really narrow-minded."

She says that she herself experiences premonitions. "I always have this great sense of doom. It's obnoxious, because I can tell when something horrible is getting ready to happen," she says. "And it's always within a week. And I get this pit in my stomach, and it always happens, and I always say something's going to happen, and those who know me, have been around me when it's happened, are like, they're just waiting."

Bullock might have had that sense of impending doom when she walked onto the set of Speed 2. But by agreeing to make the ill-fated sequel, the studio backed her dream project, allowing her to produce and star in last year's Hope Floats.

When Bullock was starting her career, she says, she would take almost anything that came her way. Now, she is more careful about her choices.

"I find stories. I look at the whole story now instead of just me, my part. And now that I've decided to take a year off, that's, of course, when amazing scripts have come with great actors. But I'm like, 'If I don't take this time off, I'm going to die.'"

Away from her acting work, Bullock finds relaxation in everyday activities.

"I just do everything everyone else does," she says. "Go out to dinner with friends, go travel, go on road trips. You know, hang out."

With a mischevious grin, Bullock adds, "You know, same boring brouhaha. Go get drunk and take off my clothes and jump into fountains."

Although Bullock hit some rough waters at the box office with both Speed 2 and Hope Floats, the prospects for Practical Magic look good.

The film opened at No. 1 at the box office last Friday. So far, it has netted about $13 million.

Reported By Eleanor Mondale

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