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BET Awards 2016: Samuel L. Jackson thanks the women in his family in speech

Who deserves credit for Samuel L. Jackson's success?

The women in his family.

That's what the actor said during his acceptance speech at Sunday's BET Awards, at least.

Jackson expressed plenty of gratitude when he won the Lifetime Achievement Award, but he emphasized how important the women in his life have been to his accomplishments.

He talked about his childhood in segregated Tennessee and how his Aunt Etna supported his acting career from the very beginning.

"My Aunt Etna was the first person to put me in a costume of any sort," Jackson said. "She was the performing arts' fourth grade teacher in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and she was in charge of making sure the Negros performed for the white school board. She never had enough boys and I lived in the house with her, so she lit the fire that started all this. She was the spark. So thank you. Love you so much for that."

The actor got especially honest when it came to his family, mentioning his time in rehab.

"The other two people that challenged me on a regular basis are my foundation and support, my daughter, Zoe, and my wife, LaTanya," he said. "The two women that actually found me passed out on the floor after I left somebody's bachelor party and put me in rehab the next day. And supported me and pushed me and give me a reason to get up and go and chase it day after day after day."

Jackson wrapped up his speech by thanking all of his fans and the audience members at the awards show.

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