Best Of Worst Thanksgiving Fare For You

Early Show - Thanksgiving Feasts - November 26, 2008
The average Thanksgiving dinner has more than 3,000 calories. That's more than a day's worth in one meal!

Still, you can indulge and have fewer calories than you would otherwise if you make smart choices.

On The Early Show Wednesday, contributor and registered dietician =>Keri Glassman explained how to pick the foods that are "best" for you from possible offerings that could be considered the "worst," calorie-count-wise. Most of us will eat a lot, many (probably!), too much -- but you can still do a little better on the calorie scale by bearing her words in mind!

"Remember," she reminded co-anchor Harry Smith, "these are all indulgent choices. This is the best of the worst. You should like this -- I'm still telling you to indulge a little-- just chosing the better of the two!"


Pig in a Blanket as opposed to Crudite with Blue Cheese Dip

One pig in a blanket = 66 calories.
Crudite with 1 tbs. Blue Cheese Dip = 100 calories

"Dips are dangerous," Glassman said. "Lots and lots of calories. High in saturated fat. And you can keep dipping and dipping and over-consume."

Dark Meat Turkey as opposed to Cured Ham

Dark meat turkey, 3 ounces = 160 calories
Cured ham, 3 ounces = 140 calories

Mashed Potatoes as opposed to Roll with Butter

Mashed potatoes, half-cup: 118 calories
Roll with one pat of butter = 136 calories

"The real take-home point here is, don't go for both," Glassman said, "especially don't also have stuffind and mashed potatoes and bread. You can't have everything. You've gotta choose one!"

Green Bean Casserole as opposed to Sweet Potato Casserole

Green bean casserole, 1/2 cup = 144 calories
Sweet potato casserole, 1/2 cup = 240 calories

Pumpkin Pie as opposed to Pecan Pie

Pecan pie, 1/8 of pie = 503 calories
Pumpkin pie, 1/8 of pie = 340 calories

"If you consume over 500 calories extra every day from now until New Year's, you'll gain about five pounds," Glassman pointed out.
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