Best New Bags to Beat Airline Luggage Fees

Scooba Design's SkoobaWraps provide layered and overlapping/self-securing protection for laptops and other valuables when traveling.
Scooba Design
If you're one of the millions of flyers fed up over skyrocketing baggage fees, why not give up on checking your bags altogether?

On "The Early Show on Saturday Morning," AOL's consumer adviser, Regina Lewis, spotlighted the latest carry-ons designed to enable you to ditch those extra fees once and for all.

Why the overall trend of airlines charging?

It all comes down to math and margins. The airline industry is in survival mode. Carriers are struggling to stay afloat in the face of daunting fuel costs and plunging travel demand (in the last year, domestic carriers alone lost $11 billion).

On the flipside, last year, U.S. airlines took in more than $7.8 billion in fees from passengers, according to the Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics. So, they are clearly working the "fee" angle.

What are people doing to get around it?

Everything from shipping their stuff in advance, to buying it on-location and packing smarter and, of course, lighter; also, making doubly sure their carry-on bags are within the limits for dimensions -- some goes for traveling with tape measures to prove their carry-on does comply.


The following descriptions were prepared with information provided by the manufacturers

Pack-It Compression Sacs ($10)

Compression Sacs allow you to remove excess air from bulky garments and save up to 80% of the volume. Handy for saving space or getting dirty laundry home without contaminating the rest of your bag.

Top 3 Coolest Things:
* Compresses your bulky clothing to save up to 80% space
* Easy to use
* Use it for anything - it's so versatile you can use it to compress blankets, jeans, or jackets! Even dirty laundry

* Reduces volume up to 80%
* Patented one-way pressure valve
* Patented zip closure at top

SkoobaWraps ($18)

Protect your Portables. Whether it's your phone, iPod, compact camera, or just about any other portable device, here's where you'll find unique and effective cases and accessories to keep all your gadgets - and the stuff that goes with them - safe and organized.

Talk about a product with "a jillion-and-one uses!" Versatile, inexpensive SkoobaWraps are an ideal way to add an extra measure of carrying protection, particularly inside luggage, carry-ons, or other unpadded cases. Just wrap up anything you want to protect, pack it, and go! Available in 3 sizes, suitable for anything from a compact camera to a small laptop computer.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

eBags eTech Weekender Convertible ($80)

One of the best short trip travel packs you'll ever find for the money! Suitcase-style entry; converts to a backpack for easy carrying. Perfect for the active traveler.

* Most significant trend is people wanting to make sure they have a carry-on that will fit on any airline (regional or national)
* The Weekender is a convertible backpack/duffel that has no frame or wheel system so it is squishable
* Orange interior lining to make it easy to find items inside the bag (vs traditional black which makes it hard to find items)
* 97% of purchasers on (2159 of 2223) said they would purchase again
* Perfect for those who want a "hands-free" carry-on
* Super lightweight at 3 lbs 10 oz.
* No bulky frame or wheels so even fits in regional jet overhead bins
* Contoured hide-away shoulder straps are generously padded with Airmesh and an adjustable sternum strap
* No bulky frame or wheels so even fits in regional jet overhead bins
* Adjustable laptop storage pocket discretely placed in a padded, protected pocket
* Lifetime guarantee
* Can purchase at