Best Buy Heroes Fired for Saving the Day

Jared Bergstreser and Colin Trapp talk to CBS4 Denver's Raj Chohan.

DENVER (CBS4) Proving no good deed goes unpunished, two Best Buy employees have been fired after foiling a burglary.

It happened Aug. 1 at the Best Buy in Broomfield, Colo.

Jared Bergstreser, 20, and Colin Trapp, 23, were on duty in the Asset Protection Unit near the front doors when a shoplifter grabbed some mobile phones and computer hard drives and made a run for the door.

"I just kind of reacted, tackled him ... and ended up on the sidewalk with him" said Bergstreser.

Trapp ran outside to help.

"At that point I was looking out for the best interest of my co-worker and the safety of my co-worker," Trapp said. "So I kind of grabbed the guy by his shoulders and tried to restrain him, because I didn't want to get anybody hurt."

As it turned out, somebody did get hurt. The suspect pulled out a knife and slashed at the fingers of a manager who had come outside to help. The thief broke away and fled in a car. Jared and Colin were soon told to leave as well. Best Buy fired them apparently because the two employees physically confronted the shoplifter.

Bergstreser acknowledged that tackling a customer was against company policy, even shoplifters. Trapp complained his firing was unfair.

"I feel if I'm looking out for the well-being and safety of a co-worker, I feel like that should be recognized as 'way-to-go,'" he said.

Bergstreser had worked at the store for nearly 3 years. Trapp said he was in asset protection for about 6 months.

The manager involved was not fired.

CBS4 Denver called Best Buy for a comment but the company has not yet responded.

Story Contributed by CBS4 Denver Reporter Raj Chohan

Raj Chohan is an award-winning general assignment reporter and the driving force behind CBS4 Denver's critically acclaimed news franchise "Reality Check." He also hosts KBDI's flagship public affairs roundtable "Colorado Inside Out."