Best Buy Drugs

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Prescription drugs can be expensive, even if you have insurance coverage. But there are medicines that can effectively meet your medical needs and give you better value for your health care dollar.

What Is A Best Buy Drug?

According to Consumer Reports, a "Best Buy Drug" is in the top tier of effectiveness in its category, has a safety record equal or better than other drugs in the category, and has an average retail price that is substantially lower than the most costly drug in the category.

What Is The Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs?

Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs is a free public education service from the nonprofit Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports provides expert, independent information about products and services. The mission of the Best Buy Drugs project is to provide consumers and their doctors with information to help guide prescription drug choices–based on effectiveness, a drug's track record, safety and price.

What Is A Generic Drug?

A generic drug is a copy of a brand name drug—using the same active ingredients that work in the same way in the body. Generic drugs come in the same dosages as brand name drugs, and they have the same risks and benefits as their brand-name counterparts. They become available when a brand drug losses its patent protection.

Where Are The Drug Reports?

You can click here to access the drug reports. They contain an analysis that combines an expert review of the scientific evidence on prescription drugs with their prices. Consumer Reports compares and contrasts prescription drugs by category.

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