Best Baby Names Websites

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NEW YORK (CBS) Finding a name for your baby is perhaps one of the most important things a parent will ever do (Think "A Boy Named Sue"). But we've got you covered.

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Here are some of the best online databases for naming your baby: Offers searchable baby name database, for every letter of the alphabet, and much more. website offers insightful YouTube updates right on the page about a group of names, such as the most popular names that start with "I." In addition, the site offers a browsing option of sorting by first name, most popular, boy names and girl names, by first letter, and many other ways. You can also get an iPhone baby app, follow the site on Facebook or Twitter, and see a "Name of the Day." As for the name entries, the site offers a lot of helpful information, including its meaning, origin and ranking on the site. This site is great because you have everything you need right in front of you. You can see names in order of popularity and type. In addition, you can save the name in an account you can create --just in case you don't have a pen and paper handy. And don't downplay this function--how many times have you caught yourself trying to remember someone's name?

Social Security Administration: Though it might sound funny, this is a really good place to get inspiration about your bundle of joy's name. This website offers the most popular names of any year -- all the way back to 1880.

Baby's Baby Names Page: If you're looking for a site that searches just by origin up front, Baby Zone is the place. This site will help you hone in on a baby name you like faster and easier than searching through list after list.