Bergen: "Murphy Brown" made me love acting

Candice Bergen on "CBS This Morning."
Candice Bergen on "CBS This Morning."

Candice Bergen began acting when she was just 19 years old, but says she didn't love acting until she found her footing in comedy - at age 42.

The show that finally won her over? Her starring role on the hit comedy, "Murphy Brown." It aired from 1988 to 1998.

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Bergen is also known for her role as Shirley Schmidt on the hit TV show "Boston Legal."

"I was happy as a clam doing both of those shows," Bergen said on "CBS This Morning. "TV's been very good to me."

But the Emmy Award-winner has done much more in her 45-year career.

These days, she's on Broadway, playing a presidential candidate's long-suffering wife in an acclaimed revival of Gore Vidal's play "The Best Man," about a deadlocked national presidential convention.

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Bergen said she loves working on The Great White Way because of her co-workers. "I loved doing this play because people in theater, it's all about love of the work, because they don't pay you anything," she said. "And it's very nice to see people who go to work and they are devoted to it."

For more with Bergen, including why she almost didn't take the Broadway role, watch the video in the player above.