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Ben Stiller returns for "Zoolander" sequel teaser

Nearly 14 years ago a really, really, ridiculously good-looking Derek Zoolander conquered the comedy world with an emotive smolder and a mermaid commercial.

Now Ben Stiller is back. Last night a teaser for "2oolander" (pronounced two-lander,) the sequel to "Zoolander," hit Youtube.

In classic form, Ben Stiller nails the hapless Adonis that is Derek Zoolander. In the teaser he struggles with the narrator to pronounce the name of his own film.

Not a lot is clear about the plot, but cast members include Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen, Penelope Cruz, and Cyrus Arnold. Reprising their roles are Christine Taylor, Will Ferrell, Billy Zane and Owen Wilson.

Stiller and Wilson made waves with surprise in-character cameos in Paris last March. Showing up at the Maison Valentino show for Paris Fashion Week, Wilson and Stiller had a walk-off in their custom outfits and conquered social media.

Justin Theroux co-wrote the script with Stiller, and the film drops Feb. 12, 2016.

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