Behind the royal baby naming

(CBS News) The official title of Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge's son will be "Prince of Cambridge," but his name, as of this writing, has not been announced. So why the delay in releasing the name? The royal couple's bonding with their son may be the reason, according to one royal expert.

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Roya Nikkhah, a former royal correspondent for Britain's Sunday Telegraph, said on "CBS This Morning," "William and Kate actually want to spend a little bit of time with their baby, getting to know the new little person."

"You know, it took a month for Prince Charles' name to come out," Nikkhah said. "It took a week for William to be named. I think because royal parents before want to get to know the personality of that new child and I'm sure William and Kate want to do the same to get it right."

The royal baby, according to Nikkahah, will likely have a number of names -- perhaps even six -- with a possible combination of traditional royal names and William and Kate's personal nods to close family.

Prince William, Nikkahah noted, is a very modern father so far, spending the night with his wife following her delivery.

"Prince Charles, after spending the day after William had been born, came home for the night before he went back to get Diana," Nikkahah said. "William stayed in all night with his wife. He's still there by her side, getting to know his newborn son. The three of them having a very special time together."

The couple will eventually leave the hospital amid a wild media scrum, the royal expert said, and then spend Prince William's two-week paternity leave at Kensington Palace. Prince William will return to Royal Air Force service after his paternity leave ends and the duchess -- with plenty of assistance -- will begin raising the baby.

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