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Behind the Edwards Passion

It was the day after the New Hampshire Primary in 2008. John Edwards came in third behind Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama -- this after tying Hillary Clinton for second place in Iowa just days before. The Democratic nomination would soon be beyond his grasp. But, as I interviewed Edwards and his wife Elizabeth I was struck by their passion and energy. They were not going down without a fight. There seemed something admirable in their commitment to their cause. I would learn later that their performance was so much political theater. Elizabeth, it turns out, had known all about her husband's affair. His child with Rielle Hunter would be born the next month. The campaign was doomed, yet the Edwardses pressed on. But, why? Was it to further the agenda for the poor? Was it because they didn't want to disappoint their supporters? Or were they simply too vain to stop?

Just a Minute...I'm Harry Smith, CBS News

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