Two drivers stung hundreds of times by swarming bees after accident

LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, Calif. - Two drivers were stung several hundred times by bees following a car crash in a Los Angeles-area neighborhood on Sunday after one of the cars hit a tree that dislodged a large hive.

After the accident, the two drivers, both women, got out of their cars to exchange insurance information when they were attacked. CBS Los Angeles reports they were stung at least 600 times between them.

There were many scary moments for residents of the area as well as the people involved in the car accident.

Hours later, a CBS Los Angeles reporter found that there were still so many bees in the area that when they got out of their truck to shoot video for the story they were swarmed.

The bees stung three people after the crash, including a deputy who came to the aid of the two drivers involved in the crash. One of the women is 51, the other 17.

Witnesses told CBS Los Angeles that the 17-year-old was stung over 100 times and that she was reportedly screaming as she tried to get away from the bees.

The 51-year-old driver, who ran to and jumped in a neighborhood backyard swimming pool to escape, was stung as many as 500 times.

Officials said the first deputy on scene used a fire extinguisher to remove the bees from the 17-year-old. He then used a hose from a nearby home to remove the rest of the bees.

The deputy did not require hospital treatment.