Beef over beef jerky, two arrested near Philadelphia

Looking for your afternoon pick-me-up in a package of beef jerky just seems strange. However, this version actually has less fat and sodium and fewer calories per serving than traditional beef jerky. And it packs a serious punch: One serving has about 75 milligrams of caffeine, about the same as a can of Red Bull.
Beef jerky
(CBS/AP) BALA CYNWYD, Pa.- Police arrested two people in Lower Merion Township, Pa., after a fight in a convenience store over beef jerky, according to CBS Philly.

Store customers Robert Brown, 56, and Macina Washington, 33, were the alleged jerks in this particular beef, which took place on Saturday, Dec. 1.

According to eyewitnesses, here's how the beef went down at a 7-Eleven bordering Philadelphia's west side.

The suspects initially told police they were the ones attacked by two clerks in the convenience store. They said they went to the counter to buy the jerky, then supposedly noticed the seal had been broken, and asked for a different one. Robert Brown reportedly told police a clerk then attacked Macina Washington.

Not so fast....Police say it was Washington who actually threw the beef jerky at one of the clerks and started punching.. Then when another clerk jumped in to assist, police say Brown also got involved in the snack-food fracas.

Both clerks suffered injuries to the face in the scuffle.

Accused "beef jerkies" Brown and Washington were arrested at the scene.

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