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"Beef Jerky Bandit": Wig-wearing man smashes store with brick, steals jerky

Brazen burglar steals beef jerky

(CBS/AP) ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Where's the beef jerky? A lot if is apparently in the possession of a wig-wearing man caught on surveillance tape smashing the window of a beef-jerky specialty store in Albuquerque, and stealing about 20 bags of the snacks that he especially seemed to target, CBS affiliate KRQE-TV reported.

It happened early Monday morning at "Mike's Jerky" according to store owner Michael Grier.

Grier says the video shows that the bandit knew his jerky as he went around the shop grabbing the ones full of pepper, salt, and bacon, he told KRQE.

"We knew he put a lot of effort into it because he was wearing a wig, he had on glasses," Grier said.

Surveillance video first captured a convertible whipping through the parking lot.  Then the man, wearing a wig, grabs a brick from his backseat, throws it at the store's glass door several times, and then rams his foot through the bottom half. With just enough room to get in the man then squeezes through the shards of glass, and goes on a jerky stealing spree.

Grier said more than 20 flavors of the product line the walls of his store. He said the thief could probably make a few hundred bucks selling the stolen beef jerky on the street.

Maybe he just had a late-night craving?

No arrests have been made.

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