Bed, Breakfast and a Tattoo, Too

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When Daemon Clarke and Kerry Hite checked into the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, they didn't come for the music, or even the tranquility of the couple's massage.

They came for their ticket to ride.

CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy reports that for $239 per night they got a room, free breakfast and a Harleyto take in the coastline.

Hard Rock's Harley Package
Get a Tattoo With Your Stay
Four Seasons Los Angeles

"I don't think we ever would have stayed at the Hard Rock if it wasn't for the Harley Davidson package," Clarke said. "It wouldn't have dawned on us."

Hotels are adding on everything from surfing and roller blading lessons to free roller coaster rides as guest perks. The industry is getting creative because it has to.

Nationwide, hotel occupancy has dropped from 65 percent in 2007 to 56 percent so far this year. Average room rates have dropped from $106 in 2008 to an estimated $96 this year. (Details here:

At the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, where packages start at $465, you now have your choice of some pretty hot wheels - a way to lure top-end tourists who may be cutting costs.

"They have been forced to go to other hotels and we wanted that customer back," said Mehdi Eftekari, of the Four Seasons.

Hotels are offering unusual perks because they don't want to lower room rates, but in this economy they feel like they have to offer a better deal.

"Instead of just discounting we'd rather offer a better experience and really enhance their stay and their visit with us," said Benjamin Malmquist, General Manager of Hotel Erwin.

Dave Katzberg is getting a deal that will literally last a lifetime. At the Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach, Calif., he booked the "Ink and Stay" package. For $399 he got a room, a free tattoo and a bottle of tequila to dull the pain.

So if you're hitting the road there are deals to be had - even if they're not entirely a free ride.