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Becoming a Computer Smart Parent

Kids are a lot more computer literate than many adults. A couple of fathers...Mark Ivey and Ralph Bond are trying to change that with a book called The PC Dads' Guide to Becoming a Computer Smart Parent...

"Ralph and I were cubicle mates...if you're familiar with the Dilbert cartoon you know what that's like. He was in one department at Intel, I was in another and we got to talking in the lunch line one time about all the parents and teachers who were asking us questions. They were just confused over all this computer jargon. I mean RAMs, ROM, know people were lost."

So using humor to make it all less intimidating, they launched the PC Dads. The book may not put you on equal footing with your kids when it comes computers, but it will help you know what they are up to...

"You can't just sort of sit on the sidelines, watch this technology parade go by've got to roll up your sleeves, get involved, and do what we call shoulder to shoulder learning with your child on using the computer and the Internet."

The book even has some interesting parenting observations that have nothing to do with computers. You can find more information at