Beckhams Loving Life In L.A.

British football player David Beckham and his wife Victoria arrive for the Sports Industry awards in London, 29 March 2007. AFP PHOTO/CARL DE SOUZA (Photo credit should read CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)
David and Victoria Beckham have unpacked and are "loving" their new Beverly Hills home a month after the English soccer superstar moved his family so he could play for the Los Angeles Galaxy.

"I've never seen the kids and Victoria so happy," Beckham said Tuesday after practicing for the first time since he was introduced July 13.

"The kids have reacted in the right way, they've adapted in the right way. That's the best part for me, to have a happy family, happy children, and everything else is good," he said.

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Beckham said his nagging left ankle is better and that he plans to play in the team's game Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham has been busy organizing their mansion.

"I am loving our new house - it is totally major!" she gushed in the first update on her blog since they moved in. "Just adding some of the finishing touches to it actually and then it really will feel like home."

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Posh Spice raved about Los Angeles' warm weather and said she's been checking out the city's restaurants and, as she called them, beauty parlors.

"Well, you never know when you might need a facial!" she wrote.

And she's been tending to the couple's three children, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

"The boys are really looking forward to starting their new school so we've got to make sure they are all kitted out with new schoolbags and pencil cases — you remember what it's like going back to school, you've got to have a new EVERYTHING!" she wrote.

David Beckham said the family has been followed by much more paparazzi here than in England and Spain.

"The first week it topped 47 and it's been cutting down each week and each day," he said. "They've been polite so far and given the kids a certain amount of privacy, which I'm happy about."

Besides his ankle, Beckham is still struggling with replacing the queen's English with American English, much to the razzing of his teammates.

"The other day I came in and I'd caught quite a bit of sun. They said, 'Did you go to the beach?' " he said. "I said, 'No, I've been in the garden.' They all went quiet and they said, 'With the roses and the bushes?'

"I was like, 'No, by the swimming pool. OK, the backyard.' "