Beck 9/11 Event $$ Being Donated, His Reps Say

Harry Smith
Those "gotcha moments" -- I've never been good at that. Never practiced it much.

Yesterday, I was pretty sure I had caught Sarah Palin in a kind of gotcha moment. She'd encouraged her Facebook followers to attend the Glen Beck event on 9/11 in Anchorage. No better way to commemorate 9/11, she said.

Yesterday in this space, I wondered if anyone should profit from the sentiments of 9/11. I said, 'Shame on you, Sarah." '

Last night, I got a note from Glenn Beck's people. It said Glen had always intended to donate the speaking fee in Alaska to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

I couldn't find that information anywhere yesterday. But, we're glad we have it now.

Just a minute. I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.