Beavers Are Back In The Big Apple

A female groundhog, enjoys a banana break at the Howell Conference and Nature Center in Howell, Mich., Jan. 25, 2007. This groundhog is named Woody - a nod to another popular name for the animal: woodchuck. (AP Photo/Detroit Free Press, Mary Schroeder)
AP/Detroit Free Press
This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

We in the news business often get complaints that we don't report enough good news. So today, I'm trumpeting my favorite story of the day — and the news is good indeed.

For the first time in about 200 years, a beaver is making its home in New York City, on the recently cleaned-up and much-improved Bronx River. A dam has been spotted, and now there are pictures, too.

I have seen this sort of thing happen with increasing frequency. Students started cleaning up streams in Northern California, only to find salmon there a few seasons later. America is brimming with bald eagles and other predatory birds since DDT was banned some years ago.

The Earth is a very forgiving place. Clean it up, stop destroying it, and it shows remarkable resilience.

And now we have a beaver in the Bronx. We should be proud, and impressed. I'll bet that's one tough beaver.

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