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Beauty Shortcuts

When it comes to looking your best, beauty professionals can provide useful advice. Pros shared the tricks of the trade in the August issue of Self magazine. The magazine's new editor, Cindi Leive, joined CBS This Morning and shared some tips.

Leive says try low-cost, low-tech, down-to-earth solutions to common beauty problems. Here are some easy do-it-yourself beauty tricks that can enhance your eyes, skin, hair and lips.

If you have dark circles under the eyes, use eye cream or moisturizer with concealer for easier and better application. For blueish circles use a yellow shade concealer; for yellow circles, try a pink shade concealer.

If your eye problem is dark bags, believe it or not, Preparation-H can help. And now you can buy Tucks Hemorrhoid Pads. They're like ready-made eye pads.

For very light or overplucked eyebrows brush the brows forward and trim them at an angle. Thin brows look fuller when shorter.

Fluorescent office lighting can give you a washed-out look or make you look yellow. Switch from brown to gray eye shadows. And, to make your lipstick last, use powder. Powder sandwiched between the two coats of lipstick helps it to stick and gives it lasting power.

For common nail problems, such as nails that split, excess cuticles or stained nails, leave polish on nails while cutting or filing, Leive recommends. Use alpha-hydroxy to reduce cuticles, and scrub nails in a denture cleaner and brush them with whitening toothpaste to reduce stains.

There are also some easy ways to tackle common hair problems. If your scalp gets sunburned, rinse your hair with green tea, which will calm the irritated scalp. Never use a plastic comb on wet hair; try a wooden one instead to prevent breaking the hair.

Finally, a simple solution for chapped lips is to exfoliate them with tape. It will eliminate the rough flakes.

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